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Church of the Nativity of Our Lady of Mikhailitsky Monastery

The Church of the Nativity of Our Lady on Mikhalitsa is situated in Veliky Novgorod on Molotkovskaya St.  The first record of its building dates back to 1199.

The construction customer was Princess Feodosia, the mother of Alexander Nevsky. The church was a part of Mikhalitsky Convent, of which the refectory with the Church of Mikhail Malein and the bell tower has preserved to the present.

The stone Church of the Nativity of Our Lady was built in 1379 after the former wooden church burned down.

The church building underwent some changes over time and was completely rebuilt in the late 17th century. The narthex was added to the west side in the 19th century. The characteristic details of the church are embedded stone crosses and a belt of colored tiles under the eaves of the dome.

In 1764 Mikhalitsky Convent was abolished, and in 1786 both monastery churches were converted to parishes.

During the Second World War the monument was bombed. The corpus and dome of the church were almost destroyed.

In the summer of 1956, restoration works were carried out at the Church of the Nativity of Our Lady. By the end of restoration, the monument was restored in the forms of the 17th century with the details of the 14th century.

Nowadays the Church is the active parish of the Pomorian Old-Orthodox Community in Novgorod.

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