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Water route: Rafting down the Msta river
Borovichesky, Lyubitinsky districts of the Novgorod region

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The water route on the Msta rapids starts from the village of Opechensky Posad and ends in 2,5 hours in the camp “At the whitewater rapids of Beli” or in the town of Borovichi (5,5 hours). The level of water drop at the Opechensky Posad - Borovichi site is about 60 meters. There are several dozens of large and smaller rapids. The biggest ones are Rik, Vip, Beli, Yogla and Vitsi.

Places to visit:

  • Opechensky Posad, a stone embankment, where the buildings of the beginning of the 19th century are preserved, the building of the Office of the Borovich Rapids, the Assumption Church, stone-arched bridges;
  • Rural arboretum, the Church of the Flor and Lavr Saints in the Rovnoye village, Catherine Church in the village of Yogla, and the Manor of Rovnoe-Novoblagodatnoe;
  • Tikhvin Church in Yogla village, suspension bridges (Opechensky Posad, Veliky Porog, Yogla);
  • Waterfalls of the Poneryotka underground stream (natural monument of regional significance), rising from two caves in the high limestone bank of Msta river, abundant in fossils of ancient plants and animals (Low Carboniferous, 350 million years old);
  • Campsite “At the whitewater rapids of Beli”, the Museum of Borovichi Rapids and the Museum of Paleontology of Gornaya Msta You can also use the campsite as a place to spend the night (tented accommodation facility is provided);
  • Borovichi, an ancient merchant city (historical construction of the end of the XIX, beginning of the XX century, the first arch bridge in Russia – a prominent monument of the national bridge construction and history).

The route “Rafting down the river Msta” contains elements of both active and cognitive tourism. Suitable for younger generations, family, children, corporate groups. We also offer multiday water trips on Msta River and programs combining horse and water routes, which are gaining popularity.

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