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Main page / Museums and sightseeing in Veliky Novgorod / Route: Veliky Novgorod – I.E. Kuznetsov’s Factory on the river Volkhov – Skiing Complex Mstinskie Gorki – Recreation in the Land of Wonders
Route: Veliky Novgorod – I.E. Kuznetsov’s Factory on the river Volkhov – Skiing Complex Mstinskie Gorki – Recreation in the Land of Wonders
Novgorodsky, Shimsky, Starorussky, Parfinsky, Demyansky districts of the Novgorod region

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Veliky Novgorod

The oldest city of Russia, the cradle of Russian democracy, the medieval center of trade and craft, the biggest partner of Hanseatic League in 12th-17th centuries, the link between medieval Europe and Rus’, and the border between two civilizations – Veliky Novgorod is all of that.


A small town of Chudovo is 80 km away from Novgorod. It used to be a large Yam village on the postroad that connected Saint Petersburg with Moscow, and in 1851, when the construction of Nikolayevskaya railway was finished, the town became a railway station.

Places of interest:

  • N.A. Nekrasov’s Memorial House

One of the most interesting places in Chudovo – the Chudovskaya Luka estate, connected to the Russian poet-democrat N.A. Nekrasov.

  • G.I. Uspensky’s Memorial House

In 1881, Uspensky bought a 2 storey house with 4 acres of land from an official named Malinovsky. Ever since then, Uspensky spent most of his time in Syabrenitsi village.

  • I.E. Kuznetsov’s Porcelain Factory on the river Volkhov

Kuznetsov’s porcelain is a legend. It’s one of the few Russian brands acknowledged in Europe. Sometimes the auction bids for their tea sets were as high as 50000 pounds.

Malovishersky district of the Novgorod region

Malovishersky district was formed on March 30th, 1918. It includes volosti (regions) from Krestetsky district and one volost’ from Tikhvinsky district of the Cherepovets Governorate.

Places of interest:

  • House of Kurzhevnikovy Merchants
  • Glass Factory Complex

The manufacturing building, where the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Communist Volunteer Teams were formed.

  • Mstinskie Gorki Skiing Complex

The complex is located at a picturesque spot on the high coast of Msta river.

  • Lyubogorie Mountain Skiing Complex 

Okulovsky district of the Novgorod region

The territory is connected to the names of such notable people as Lev Tolstoy, the composer Rimsky-Korsakov, anthropologist and traveler Miklouho-Maclay, who celebrated his 160th birthday in 2006. Many Heroes of the Soviet Union and Socialist Labour came from Okulovsky district.

Places of interest:

  • Nicholas Miklouho-Maclay Monument

Nicholas Miklouho-Maclay was born in the Yazykovo-Rozhdestvenskoe estate, 12 kilometers away from the town of Okulovka.

  • George de Roerich Monument

The monument, built by the sculptor Aleksey Leonov, was a gift to the town from Nicholas Roerich’s International Museum-Center.

  • Seraphim Sarovsky’s Sacred Spring

The story of the spring is as follows: the head of Stepanovy merchant clan got lost in the forest. He kept wandering about and couldn’t find the road back, until he sat down under a tree, prayed to god and promised to build a chapel in his name, if he returned home safely. Vasily Kesarisky came to him in his dream and showed him the way home.

  • Zavetnoe Estate

The estate was built by the engineering technologist Mikhail Tokarsky in 1914. It was a quite comfortable one, provided with plumbing, electricity and steam heating. 

Krestetsky district of the Novgorod region

The town of Krestsy was first mentioned in the chronicles in 1393. Around 1495, hundreds of villages in the district were mentioned as part of Derevskaya Pyatina of Novgorod Land. Many existing villages of the district are over 500 years old. The territory was a part of Derevskaya Pyatina in 15th-18th centuries.

Places of interest:

  • The first chairman of the earth – Velimir Khlebnikov museum in Ruchyi village

Ruchyi village was the terminal home of the poet Velimir Khlebnikov, “the first chairman of the earth”.

  • Northwest Frontline Aviator Memorial
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