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Tourist Route №5. At the Source of The Volkhov
Veliky Vovgorod, Jurievo village, Novgorod district, Novgorod region

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Tourist Route №3: Monuments at the Sophia Side of the City

Tourist Route №4: Trade Side Sightseeing

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1. Church of Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin is the earliest in Novgorod example of a new church building type, which would become canonical in the last quarter of the 12th – the early 13th cc. According to the chronicles, Archbishop Ilya and his brother Gabriel set the wooden Church of Annunciation and founded the monastery in 1170. The Annunciation Monastery was one of the largest and richest in Novgorod.

2. Peryn Skete - According to the legend, after accepting Christianity the Peryn idol was thrown down into Volkhov and on a place where it had stood a wooden church of the Nativity of Our Lady was built in 995.

3. St. George Monastery Even today the complex of St. George monastery seems grand; it includes the belfry 52 meters high, and five corpuses: Eastern (with prison cells), Southern (with the church of Our Lady of the «Burning Bush»), Archimandrite's (with the cathedral of Our Saviour, under which both Archbishop Fotiy and Countess Orlova-Chesmenskaya were buried), Northern and the cathedral of the Rising of the Cross (1823).

4. Vitoslavlitsy Open-air Museum of Wooden Architecture Vitoslavlitsy is famed for its folk and trade festivals, Christmas fortune-telling and the International Bell Ringing Festival that annually is held there.

5. Museum of Iron in Vitoslavlitsy - A unique collection of irons consists of two hundred and fifty items of the 18th – 20th centuries from Russia, Germany, France, Italy, USA, Thailand, England, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland and Scandinavia.

6. Trinity Church in Yamskaya Sloboda. The stone church was built in 1365, according to the records. Despite the fact that the church building is not that large and rich in comparison with other temples, it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List because it represents 3 centuries of architecture.

7. Troitsky Excavation Site - Theatrical displays of history run through the seven-meter-deep cultural archeological excavations. The unique items of high archaeological value that were found there preserved perfectly. Among the famous findings are the oldest Slavic book made of waxed tablets, Novgorod Psaltyri (Book of Psalms) of the early 11th century, more than 400 birch bark letters, over 20 mansion houses of the 10th -15th century, including the 12th century Studio of the painter Olisey Grechin.

Tourist Route №3: Monuments at the Sophia Side of the City

Tourist Route №4: Trade Side Sightseeing

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