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Main page / Museums and sightseeing in Veliky Novgorod / Tourist Route №2. Yaroslav’s Court and the Ancient Market
Tourist Route №2. Yaroslav’s Court and the Ancient Market
The Trade Side of Veliky Novgorod

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Tourist Route №1: The Novgorod Kremlin

Tourist Route №4: Trade Side Sightseeing

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1. Yaroslav’s Court, Former Marketplace. At the territory of the Yaroslav’s Court are located many monuments of 12th to the 18th centuries. There, side by side stand the Prince’s temple (the 12th century) and the merchants’ churches, that were used not only as place for prayer, but also as storehouse. The Gate Tower, as well as the arcade, are a unique example of civil architecture, and were built at the time of Peter the Great.

2. Hanseatic Sign. This is a stylization of two ancient ships - the Novgorod sailboat and the Hanseatic cog (kogge), which have woven tree crowns instead of sails. The composition was established in 2009 during the International Hanseatic Days.

3. Hanseatic fountain. This granite round fountain symbolizes a round table. Around the edge of the fountain are the colour mosaics of the emblems representing 16 cities that make up the New Hansa now.

4. Gate Tower of the Former MarketplaceExhibition "Christian Antiquities. Artistic metal of the 11th – 19th cc". is located in the Gate tower, which became part of the architectural complex of the Former Marketplace and represents a unique example of 17th century building.

5. Myrrhbearers Church was commissioned by a Moscow merchant Ivan Syrkov in 1508. Syrkov founded a successful merchant dynasty in Novgorod that wielded significant political power as well.  The lower level of the church was used as a large warehouse. During the 16th century, the basement of the church held some of Ivan the Terrible's coffers.

6. St. Nicholas cathedral (1113 – 1136). It is the oldest church at the Yaroslav’s Court and on the whole right bank. It was built in 1113–1136 and dedicated to the most revered Saint in Rus – St. Nicholas the Miracle-Worker. In 1992 the cathedral was included in UNESCO’S World Heritage List.

7. Church of St. Parasceva the Friday (1207). The church was built in 1207 with the money of the foreign merchants and dedicated to St. Parasceva the Friday, as she was believed to be the patroness of trade.

8. Petchatnya (Novgorod Printing House) is situated at the Trade Side of Veliky Novgorod in the historical part of the architectural complex – Yaroslav’s Court and the Former Marketplace. The exhibition is located on the basement level of the historical and cultural building-monument the Marketplace of 18th century.

9. Church of St. George in the Marketplace (1356). It was built in 1356 on the site of a wooden church dedicated to the same Saint. The church displays the frescos from the Church of the Transfiguration of Our Savior on Kovalevo Field.

Tourist Route №1: The Novgorod Kremlin

Tourist Route №4: Trade Side Sightseeing

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