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Walking Route "Modern Monuments of the Trade Side"
Veliky Novgorod

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We invite you to take a walk down the streets of Veliky Novgorod to look for interesting modern sculptures. The route unites small architectural forms of the Trade side of the city.

The Trade Side of Veliky Novgorod has prepared many surprises for the guests! Here you will come across the legendary merchant Sadko, and the good-natured bear, the snow-white elk and even the dragons-defenders! Take a walk along the shortest street of art in the world, relax with a tourist girl, check on the insects living in a hotel...

1. Resting girl (at the pedestrian bridge)

According to one version, the monument is dedicated to a tourist girl, according to another one - to a Novgorod girl. Now the monument is a favorite place for taking pictures.

Author: sculptor Vadim Borovyh with the assistance of philanthropist Nikolai Sumarokov philanthropist Nikolai Sumarokov (2009)

2. Dragons, guarding the bank (7A, Boyana Street)

How do you imagine the security system of a bank? The designers of the facade of the bank on Boyana Street see it this way: forged awesome dragons with red eyes and wings. After all, according to mythology, dragons usually protect the treasures.

3. The drawing boy (Alexander Nevsky embankment)

The composition reflects the picture usual to this place. By tradition, young artists, pupils of Russian art schools, paint here the first landscapes of nature. On the boy’s easel there is an old Kremlin and a boat on the Volkhov River. Near the folding chair on which the young artist is sitting there are his brushes and a backpack.

Author: sculptor Sergey Gaev with the assistance of philanthropist Nikolai Sumarokov (2010)

4. A bear on a bench (Alexander Nevsky embankment, near the shopping mall Diez)

The bear came to the city from a dense forest, driven by a desire of looking at the Novgorodians, and was pleased to meet them. No doubt, the Novgorodians are friendly and welcoming people. Therefore, the bear did not want to return back to the forest, and he decided to stay in Veliky Novgorod. Day and night the charming symbol of powerful Russia sits on the Alexander Nevsky embankment, admiring the boats that sail along the river, waiting for bypassers who are always happy to sit down next to him and chat.

This is one of the favorite places for taking pictures for both locals and visitors.

Author: sculptor Vadim Borovykh (2007)

5. Battle angel (Alexander Nevsky embankment) is a symbol of the defender of the city, and due to its unusual shape, everyone is able to try on the armor of a “guardian angel”. Maybe this will help people to treat their small homeland with more care and attention.

Author: sculptor Vyacheslav Smirnov with the assistance of philanthropist Nikolai Sumarokov (2019)

6. Monument to Dmitry Balashov (in the park at the intersection of Fedorovsky Ruchey and Andreevskaya streets)

Novgorod writer, historian, researcher of folk culture, Honorary Citizen of Veliky Novgorod Dmitry Balashov is the author of the novel "His Majesty Lord Novgorod the Great", the historical novel "Martha the Mayoress", a series of novels "Moscow Sovereigns", for which in 1966 he received Literary Award in the name of Leo Tolstoy. For achievements in the field of literature he was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor. In 1997 for the novel "Holy Russia" he was awarded the Great Literary Prize of Russia. Widely known as an expert and collector of Russian folklore. The writer tragically died in July 2000 at the age of 72.

Author: sculptor Sergey Gaev with the assistance of philanthropist Nikolai Sumarokov (2017)

7. Sculptural composition Hunting (12/57, Fedorovsky Ruchey Street)

A funny sculptural composition of cats hunting for pigeons can not leave passers-by indifferent. If you do not look closely, it may seem that the composition is alive and cats are about to catch the pigeons.

Author: Vadim Borovyh with the assistance of philanthropist Nikolai Sumarokov (2009)

8. Sadko (16, Fedorovsky Ruchey Street, near Sadko hotel)

An unusual forged sculpture of a famous character of the Novgorod epics appeared on the Yaroslav's Court during the celebration of the 1150th anniversary of the city. Now it is located near the same name hotel.

Another sculpture dedicated to the legendary gusli player is located in the Kremlin Park.

Author: Boris Gurin (2009)

The legend: Sadko was a poor musician from the city of Novgorod, that situated on Lake Ilmen. Once, for three days Sadko was not invited to a single feast. He went to the empty shore of the lake and began to play. Suddenly, the Sea King himself appeared from the lake. He enjoyed his music, and offered to help the musician. Sadko was instructed to make a bet with the local merchants about catching a fish with golden feathers in the lake; when he caught it (as provided by the Sea King), the merchants had to pay the wager, making Sadko a rich merchant.

9. Art Street Novmartr (at Dialog, Cultural Center) is the shortest art street in the world! On the Novgorod avenue of arts you can meet Onfim (a boy from 13th century), see a drunk litter bin, sit on a bench with artists Malevich and Kandinsky and much more.

10. The Elk by an unknown sculptor is located in the park of the 30th anniversary of the October Revolution, near the Central stadium. Interestingly, for about 35-36 years, the Elk stood hornless. According to the Novgorod newspaper, in the photographs of the 1960s and 70s the Elk was still with horns, and since 1972 and later - without them. The horns of the stone animal were returned only in 2008. This initiative was launched by the Novgorod public organization. Volunteers called for “returning the elk to its natural appearance” and asked the townspeople to search in the family archives the photographs that showed how the animal used to look. The sculpture was restored in September 2008.

11. The Wings (at the crossing of Studencheskaya and Bolshaya Moskovskaya Streets)

The wingspan and height of the metal wings is about three meters. The wings, which became a gift for the 1160th anniversary of the city, are already loved by Novgorodians and tourists. Both townspeople and visitors are happy to take pictures with the composition, which allows you to easily turn your hands into wings.

Author: Vasily Isakov with the assistance of philanthropist Nikolai Sumarokov (2019)

12. Hotel for insects (19, Studencheskaya Street, the territory of the school)

The idea of ​​the hotel for insects belongs to the school director Natalia Protasova. There are similar hotels in European parks, anyone can go up to them and watch the life of insects. The hotel compartments are filled with branches, sawdust, clay, hay, other natural material. Thus it is possible to show schoolchildren on biology lessons how insects winter, how their nests are arranged.

Technology teacher Anton Savchenko made the hotel for insects in 2014, the educational process in a new format is supervised by biology teacher Irina Rodina: “The hotel for insects is a non-standard textbook, we hope that it will develop curiosity and interest in scientific research among students, will help in the formation of systemic environmental knowledge, fosters responsibility and respect for wildlife. We talk a lot about patriotism, but every now and then we forget that it starts from the gates of the house, from the school yard, with a knowledge of the environment around. The installation of a new urban facility will remind adults of the Soviet practice of wildlife corners and young naturalist stations. ”

13. Сameraman is located above the entrance to the Novgorod Regional Television and Slavia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (106, Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street). The sculpture is made of metal pieces that reveals the essence of this art, for cameramen also show pieces of other people's lives.

Author: sculptor Vyacheslav Smirnov with the assistance of philanthropist Nikolai Sumarokov (2013)

14. Apples in Antonovo. Huge green apples are lying not far from the entrance to the old building of the humanitarian institute. Novgorodians and tourists loved concrete fruits and eagerly take pictures of them and with them. 

Author: Gleb Petrov (2015)

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