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St. Michael Klopsky Monastery of the Holy Trinity
St. Michael Klopsky Monastery of the Holy Trinity, 15th c. Village of Seltso >Novgorod region

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Богослужения в 7:00 и 17:00

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Services ar 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

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вход свободный/ free

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You can get St. Michael Klopsky Monastery of the Holy Trinity from the central railway and bus station on any suburban bus to the turn to "Farafonovo dachas". Then you need to walk 7 kilometers.

Bus schedule is here

The monastery was glorified with a number of miracles by the Reverend Michael Klopsky, who being unknown, came here at the beginning of 15th c. It turned out later that he was a relative of great prince Simeon the Proud. The monastery is located in the most picturesque place on the Veryazha river, 23 km away to the south-west from Veliky Novgorod. The main building of the monastery is the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, 1569, which is stood out for its unusually intricate architecture with four external aisles, a gallery and a bell tower. The holy relics of the Reverend Michael Klopsky lie to the right from iconostasis. Nikolskaya church with a refectory of the 16th c. is located to the south of the cathedral. Nowadays the ancient monastery is being gradually revived. The divine services are already celebrated in Holy Trinity Cathedral, tourists and pilgrims come here regularly.

The monastery is thought to have got its name because the Veryazha river and the nameless brook of the place around the monastery are shaped like a bedbug (“klop”). In the 15th century the Reverend Michael, who glorified the monastery with his holy life and miracles, lived and reposed here.

Built in 1569, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is the main building of the monastery. The Cathedral’s roof offers views of vast distances with numerous scattered settlements, little isles, fields and copses and the water surface of the lake. The feeling of Russian freedom is alive here. Tsar Ivan the Terrible was directly involved in building of the Cathedral as a customer. This is reflected in architectural appearance of the Cathedral - a magnificent construction with unique architectural features and fascinating murals. The regal style of the temple was a symbol of consolidation of Russian lands around Muscovite state.

The monastery was first mentioned at the beginning of the 15th c. Its early history is connected with the name of Michael Klopsky. Novgorod chronicle has information about his arrival in Novgorod in 1408.

Reverend Michael

On June 23, 1408 Reverend Michael, being an unknown person of 60 (according to the other sources his age was 50), arrived at Klopsky monastery near Veliky Novgorod and lived there for 44 years in praying. Only after many years the Novgorodians realized who actually this blessed fool was. And he was the son of the great prince Simeon the Pride.

According to his life story, fool for Christ's sake Michael was a great wonderworker. If it was necessary, he could be “carried by air”: now he stood in the monastic cathedral and in a moment he was in St. Sophia of Novgorod. Praying to God, he could bring asunder spring water wells inside the earth. While arguing with monks, posadnik Gregory Kirillovich, who prohibited fishing in the Veryazha river, was paralysed. Only after Gregory’s admitting his wrong, Michael recovered his health.

One day, being at a Divine Liturgy, the blessed Michael said to the hegumen:

'We have unknown visitors, Father!'

'And who are they?' asked the hegumen.

The blessed didn’t answer him, but just told him to pray eagerly. And they left the church and saw three men standing. The hegumen offered them prosphoras. The two of them took the gift, but the third one refused.

'Call them for a meal as they came from a distance', said the blessed to the hegumen.

And the latter invited them. One of the strangers responded:

'We have some more mates.'

'Let someone of you call them as well.'

They did so, and 30 thieves came, armored and weaponed with bats. They sat at the table, ate and were full. Only two elder ones didn’t eat and were embarrassed.

'Why don’t you eat, kiddies? The evil intention you bear won’t be fulfilled', said the blessed Michael to them.

And they came to demolish and devastate the monastery. And as the holy had said that, both thieves felt bad: at first, one of them clutched at his heart with a moan, then the other did the same. The rest of the thieves got scared and stood up to go away. Not only didn’t they harm the monastery, but also left gifts and asked the brethren to take care of their ill mates. One of these two asked soon about taking the monastic vows. The hegumen doubted to fulfill young thief’s wish being afraid of his coming to lawless life again. However, the blessed persuaded him to admit the pleading as a monk.

'He will be our brethren, will live for a while and then die.'

And he became a monk with the name of Hierotheus. He recovered from the illness soon, but soon enough he died. The other one, according to Michael’s prediction, recovered and was released from the monastery with a strict order of the blessed to give up thefts and robberies and to keep the mates away from that. 

However, Michael Klopsky is more famous for his prophecy, especially concerning historic fate of Russia. We know about his predictions, which later came true, referring to statesmen’s deeds, in particular about the death of prince Dmitry Shemyaka and the betrayal of prince Michael and his escape to Lithuania.

Prediction about Novgorod

About his main prediction we know from his life story: "Being at the monastery of Saint Nicholas in Vyazhishchi, he suddenly climbs the bell tower and starts to ring all the bells."

'What does it mean?' the people asked.

'Now joy is in Moscow', Michael answered, playing the blessed fool.

'What kind of joy?' archbishop Euthimius, who was there at the time, asked.

'The great prince had a son Timotheus aka Ivan. And what a son! He will be the heir of whole Russian kingdom, all neighboring countries will dread of him and the owner of your Novgorod he will be…'

That very day Ivan the Third was born. He conquered Novgorod in 1471 and finished consolidation of Russian lands. Under his rule that great and mighty Russia arose which exists up to now.

Revival of the monastery

Nowadays the ancient monastery is being gradually revived. The divine services are already celebrated in Holy Trinity Cathedral, tourists and pilgrims come here regularly. This cannot but bring joy: according to reverend Michael’s prophesy, new greater and more powerful Russia will arise with the revival of Klopsky monastery…

Marina Puksant

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