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Holy Spirit Cloister
Musy Dzhalilya St., Veliky Novgorod

+7 (816 2) 97 40 58 — Новгородская Епархия


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58.53203900, 31.27181800

Nowadays, the refectory church of the Holy Trinity (1557) and the church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit (1892) are the only buildings that have survived in the cloister.

The Holy Trinity Church shows the influence of Moscow architecture, it is a high overarched temple crowned with five blind domes. At the western side, the church is flanked with a large adjacent one-pillar building - the refectory. The combination of the church and the refectory chamber is placed on a subclege, and bounteously beautified with finely profiled decorative details. These details, as well as non-plastered walls, scaled roofing of the domes, numerous arches and juts make the spectator think that the temple is "moving" and coming alive in the space.

The monastery is non-active.

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