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Cinema museum of Valery Rubtsov
16/21, Rogatitsa St., Veliky Novgorod, Novgorod Region, 173000

+7 (816 2) 63 79 72


Working hours:
Ср – Вс: 11:00 – 19:00
Выходные: Пн, Вт

Wed – Sun: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Closed: Mon and Tue

Entrance Fee:
400 руб. (полный билет); 300 руб. (дети до 16 лет)

400 Rub (adults); 300 Rub (children under 16)

58.52047000, 31.29051300

This is the first private museum in Russia dedicated to the history of cinematograph.

Cinema museum is situated in a 5-minutes’ walk from Yaroslav's Court in a two-storied cultural monument of regional significance – XIX century house of petty bourgeoise Butuzova.

The museum's collection contains hundreds of unique exhibits dedicated to the most popular art:

  • the complete collection of Soviet amateur film technology of the last century;
  • rare exhibits of the world film industry of the XX century: magic lanterns, film cameras, film projectors, flatbed editors;
  • all sorts of accessories, materials, boxes and much more from the world of cinema;
  • newspapers, magazines, books about cinema of different years of publication;
  • photos, posters, tickets and etc.;
  • personal film archives of popular cultural and art figures (for example, Irina Alfyorova and Aleksandr Abdulov)
  • equipment and documents belonging to famous people (for example, Yuri Gagarin)
  • vintage and rare films, including the newsreel of Soviet Novgorod from the funds of the Novgorod State United Museum.

The oldest part of the collection is located on the first floor. It is dedicated to the cinematograph history the first half of the XX century. On the second floor several more expositions about the cinematograph history of the second half of the XX century and a cinema hall are displayed.

There is a cache for geocaching fans in the Film Museum.

Exposition "Black and White of the Great Silent films"

The first hall. The origin of the cinema. You will learn from what Magic lanterns the cinema originated, where and when it appeared in Novgorod. You will get acquainted with rare technique and authentic film documents of the late XIX and early XX centuries.

You will find yourself inside a black-and-white film and visit the Electrotheatre, its the romantic-decadent posters of the beginning of the century will surprise you. All these things will make you understand what was the "tenth muse" at the very beginning of the last century.

The second hall. A mixture of formats, ideas and art.

Together with the cinema decree of 1919, you will follow from Russian cinema to Soviet. You will be fascinated by the Soviet avant-garde cinema, which revolutionary ideology influenced the whole world. Famous film posters will help to understand the unusual ideas of the artists of the young country. You will also get acquainted with the first Soviet literature on cinema and the first film technology.

You will visit the world war of film formats and see with your own eyes the technical revolution in industry that brought screen magic closer to people - real movie cameras, film projectors and much more, which gave the world new art and new ideas.

Immersing yourself in the dangerous world of Germany in the 1930s, you will try to understand why art came to the service of Nazi propaganda. And looking into the editing of the Soviet war correspondent, you will get acquainted with military film technology and find out how hard it was to take photos during the Great Patriotic War.

The third hall. "Red Corner", where you can feel the war atmosphere of the 1940s among the rare objects of those years. And also, you will see the historical films of the old Soviet Novgorod from the archives of the Novgorod State United Museum.

«I am a cinemaphile»

The exhibition will help you to learn the history of Soviet amateur cinema. You peek into the room of the film lover of the 1960s and in the Soviet film store. You will be able to twist the flatbed editor with your own hands and try to “shoot” on a real movie camera. And the Children's Corner will send you to those times when you yourself were children and played movie games or watched filmstrips.

There are some more exhibitions:

  • “Stars in kiosks” – an exhibition dedicated to postal and souvenir postcards of actors of Soviet cinema from the 30s to 80s. These postcards were popular in the USSR.
  • “Made in the USSR” – an exhibition telling a brief history of domestic photo equipment. There are dozens of Soviet cameras, so you can see the whole process of making a photo - from film and development to photo paper and printing.
  • “Touching the Stars” – the unique exhibits representing the story of the first cosmonaut team of the 60s.
  • “Magic Ray” – the story of small film projectors, mainly of Soviet production.

In addition, at the exhibitions you will find a large number of movie posters, books and magazines about cinema, stamps, match labels and many other things that are somehow connected with this amazing and magical "most popular art".

The reviews:

Film critic Anton Dolin after visiting the film museum: «Thank you for the excellent museum! Much better than in Moscow ...»

There are cinema clubs for lovers of good films in the cinema hall STARCITY of the museum.

  • “Visiting a Fairy Tale” - a family film club, where visitors can watch the programs of the good old Soviet cartoons in excellent quality and in a pleasant company and attend fascinating master classes and interactive tours. And you can watch children’s films on Sundays.

Ticket prices:

for the show – 50-80 rubles;
workshops and excursions – 100-250 rubles

  • “Soviet screen” is a film club for those who want to watch their favorite movie on the big screen again, if they want to discuss it or find out something interesting. Most of the films that will be shown in excellent quality and with good sound.

The cost of a ticket to the cinema club is 100 rubles.

  •  “Golden Collection” - masterpieces of world cinema of the twentieth century and foreign films, set up full houses in the Soviet rent.

The cost of a ticket is 150 rubles.

  • “The Third Ring” is a film club, where you can watch famous television plays, which were shown on Soviet television at various times. These masterpieces were never on the screens of cinema halls.

The cost of a ticket is 100 rubles.

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