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Falkor, Theatre of Fire
Working hours:

Veliky Novgorod

+7 909 565 43 80 (Максим)



58.54075000, 31.26395300

The art-project Theatre of Fire Falkor is a group of young people making LED, fire and pyrotechnic shows, participating in major events and celebrations of the city and the region, having won the First International Fire Festival EASTFIRE FESTIVAL. The theatre offers entertaining programs suitable for any events, including corporate parties, celebrations, open-air, presentations.

LED show

The program involves using LED tools and fluorescent clothes. Live light chaser usually accompanies DJs' music. Perfect for indoor celebrations.

Fire show

Effective meeting guests, show-programs suitable for open-air and indoor performing, including clubs, halls, restaurants, etc. Various pyrotechnical and fire tools (poi, staff, fire fans, fire rope, fire bowl) can be used. Fire licking a body, fire spitting, fire swallowing, etc. Fire logos.

Theatre performances

Fire performances with a single storyline, scenery and technical facilities.

Performances are accompanied with phonogram or live music - on your desire.


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