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Novgorod Contemporary Art Centre
Working hours:
11:00 - 19:00
Пн, Вт - выходные

11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
days-off: Mon, Tue

Dialog Cultural centre, 37/9, Bolshaya Moskovskaya St., Veliky Novgorod

+7 (816 2) 94 60 79



58.52887400, 31.29373800
Доступная среда объекта

  • Беременные женщины и женщины с детьми
  • Граждане старших возрастов
  • Граждане с временными нарушениями здоровья
  • Граждане с нарушением слуха (глухие, слабослышащие, позднооглохшие)
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Novgorod contemporary art centre was founded in 2009. First it was represented as an exhibition hall and used for the exhibition arrangements of the Novgorod artists and artists from other cities. However, the first two exhibitions – the personal exhibiton of Zurab Tsereteli and the project of the Novgorod artists «The portrait minus a photo» – have defined another way of development.

Now it is formulated in a different way: to show the Novgorod viewer (and also an interested tourist) the most significant events in Russian art of the XX-XXI century, at least the Northwest region. With the use of the curator approach to try to organize «projects» that is to connect various «meanings», to invent subjects and to include an interactive even in the usual forms of personal exhibitions.

Thus appeared the following projects: «Vanilla ecstasy», «The man and the woman», «Survival time», «My town», «Krestodvizheniye», a series of literary and art exhibitions from the Anna Akhmatova Museum, exhibitions of «arefjevtsev», «sterligovets», «the Russian kosmist», bright exhibitions of a series of the «Leningrad Photounderground» and many others. By the end of 2013, 149 exhibition projects have been implemented.

Eventually appeared the concept of the Visual Arts Center, photography and multimedia, or the Center of contemporary art. Some other educational programs (The Russian Museum: the Virtual Branch and Skvoreshnya club) have been added to this list and the aspiration to transform the space of the centre from illuminated halls with devices for paintings hanging into the space of art. Today there is no need for various technical means, equipments or structural elements. Everything is performed with the help of artists.

Wall paintings of the recreation rooms (each participant tries to leave memories of oneself), coat racks, door handles, coffee corner, grills etc - are performed by artists.

Novgorod Contemporary Art Centre consists of 5 exhibition halls with the total area over 500 sq.m. with modern exhibition equipment and lighting, in wich about 3 or 4 exhibitions are simultaneously held. Their geography and creative diversity are in constant expansion. We are interested in qualified or just an interested viewer as before.

The photos from the website are used in the material.

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