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Parks of Veliky Novgorod
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Veliky Novgorod

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Krasnoe Pole Park

Krasnoe pole is a natural park for sport activities, walks with children and pets. This is a unique place where you can stay alone with yourself and nature. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the crowd - welcome here.

Park offers:

  • Different kinds of family leisure
  • Wellness walks in the ecologic area
  • Free photo zones
  • Thematic events, holidays and entertainment

This park is also a relevant social project.

Parking: 58.525300, 31.302100

Lugovoy Park

Lugovoy Park is the only park in Veliky Novgorod, formed around a picturesque pond. It is an oasis of wild nature among the cityscapes.

The park project is a result of the joint work of citizens with the necessary professional competencies, talented architects, engineers and designers. The base concept is Ecology and Healthy Lifestyle.

The park plan provides for three types of playgrounds - rope ladders, nets, movable steps etc., as well as a Health Alley for adults. There are also space for yoga and a gazebo for meditation.

The park is designed to improve the cultural and physical condition of the citizens. The park is a great place to relax and have a good time.

Parking: 58.559209, 31.274977

Veryazhsky Park

Veryazhsky Park is located on the banks of the Veryazha River in the Western area of Veliky Novgorod. In 2017 the citizens had the idea about a comfortable public space and developed the project for improvement of the coasts.

At first, the pedestrian routes were arranged. Then an area with an outdoor exercise equipment and horizontal bars, bike parking, benches and minimal landscaping were added. The final stage included the illumination, some sculptures and children's sport area along with a playground made of natural materials.

People of all ages walk in this park, run, practice Nordic walking, exercise on simulators, relax on the comfortable benches overlooking the river or ride bicycles and roller blades.

Parking: 58.544136, 31.217323

30 let Oktyabrya Park 

The park was laid on the site of Antonievskaya Sloboda. This residential quarter of the XII century was completely destroyed during the Great Patriotic War and considered inappropriate to restore. Church of St. John the Divine is the only construction that has survived there and rightfully remains the main sight of the park.

Park attractions:

  • Memory Alley, named after the soldiers-internationalists died during the war in the Republic of Afghanistan
  • Moose sculpture, the work of an unknown sculptor near the stadium
  • Electron Stadium

Entertainment zones began to appear in the park only since 2010. Today there are the bumper cars ride, a wonderful colorful children's complex with slides and swings called Fairytale Kingdom and a small skate area in the park.

Parking: 58.535967, 31.298057

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