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Novgorod City Centre of Culture
Working hours:
администрация учреждения:
10:00 - 18:00
Обед: 13:00 - 14:00
доступ в учреждение: 8:00 - 22:00

Daily: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

1 Pskovskaya St., Veliky Novgorod, 173015

+7 (816 2) 77 63 97
+7 (816 2) 77 45 07 (касса/ticket office)



58.52286200, 31.25971600
Доступная среда объекта

  • Граждане с нарушением опорно-двигательного аппарата
  • Граждане с нарушением слуха (глухие, слабослышащие, позднооглохшие)
  • Граждане с нарушением зрения (слабовидящие)
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Novgorod City Centre of Culture Gorod – is the main organizer and performer of the city holidays and festivals: The Day of the City, New Year and calendar dates.

The Palace has been in existence since 1967. It was named then «The Palace of Culture of Trade Unions named after the 50th anniversary of the Great October».

Since October, 1993 it had been titled the Municipal Novgorod City Centre of Culture.

Since January, 2012 and to this day it is called as the municipal autonomous culture institution Gorod.

The following events are held in the Centre: the festival of children's fashion and design «Golden Button»; the festival of teen fashion «Trendy Town»; a fashion carnival for pets «Zoo-show»; an exhibition and fair of original gifts «Sunduchok»; thematic photo exhibition; a festival of choreography; a festival of modern and ballet dancing; educational and entertainment program for schoolchildren «Safe Town»; «Healthy Town»; «Fire under the control»; presentations of creative groups' new programs; brass band dancing; charitable evening parties for veterans of labour and war; charitable christmas concerts; New Year interactive programs; wonderful New Year's performance and traditional Novgorod games and amusement.

Today 89 clubs work in the Palace and successfully present its own creativity ( there are more than 1200 people of the age 1,5-75 years). 16 collectives have got the rank of «Folk (exemplary) Standard Amateur Art Groups» and got high appreciation in their activity. They have repeatedly won city's, regional, interregional, Russian and international castings, contests, festivals and present concerts tour and performances all over Russia and abroad. They are welcome visitors everywhere!

Exemplary Amateur Groups:

  • a choreographic group Apelsin
  • a children's ballet theatre;
  • Ladushki, a choreographic group (stylized national and modern dances);
  • Vocal studio Akvarel

Folk Amateur Groups:

  • Experiment, a drama school of different theatre genres, such as war drama, political chronicle, philosophical tragedy, poetical fairy-tale, avant-garde performance, comedy, comedy-buff etc;
  • Gesture, the theatre of deaf actors - includes dramas and popular performances, gesture singing, various dance performances;
  • a young audience theatre; Molodost, a dance group (stylized folk and modern dances);
  • A show-ballet Credo (popular dances, fine plastics, philosophical and comic compositions);
  • Samajn a club of Irish dancing
  • a chorus of war and labour veterans;
  • an academic Men's Chorus (formed in 1953);
  • Novgorodskaya Beresta the applied arts studio (art birch-bark – processing);
  • a studio of arts and crafts and varnish miniature;
  • a studio of the applied arts Traditional doll;
  • The visual arts studio;

The Palace of Culture and Youth Gorod includes several halls:

  • a concert hall (600 seats);
  • a small hall (200 seats);
  • a dance hall ( the hall for state reception – 400 seats).

Professionalism and experience of the group of staff allows to organize and hold events of different level:

  • exhibitions;
  • conferences;
  • seminars;
  • master classes;
  • corporate events for firms and organizations;
  • subject events in accordance with the personal scenario.

«Gorod: Our events - For Your Entertainment»!

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