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Jeep tours in Veliky Novgorod
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in the light time of the day

Veliky Novgorod, Novgorod Region, 173000

+7 911 633 03 33



58.47097600, 31.25599300
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Jeeping is an extreme sport and a kind of leisure which involves off-road 4x4 driving.

Novgorodians and guests of the city now have a great opportunity to experience an extreme trip and get a whole lot of excitement.

So how are jeap tours organized in Veliky Novgorod?

Roman Volgin, CEO of Extrim53 company, organizer of jeap-tours in Veliky Novgorod:

“Jeeping is an extreme sport, so every participant of the tour has to take a short course before going. No need to say that the clothes and shoes should be comfortable and appropriate. If you don’t plan to get out of the jeep, you don’t have to worry about it though. Mud, sand and water never get inside the jeep, as the doors are hermetically closed.”

During a tour you get an instructor’s master-class and a unique experience of driving through water, sand, clay, up and down the slope.

Routes in Novgorod are perfectly good for trophy and trial jeeping.

A tourist doesn’t have to be physically trained or have any special skills.

To organize a tour, please, call +7 905  290 86 86 (Red Izba Tourism Development Centre).

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