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Main page / Red Izba Tourism Development Centre, Municipal Government-funded Institution
Red Izba Tourism Development Centre, Municipal Government-funded Institution
In February, 2009, Red Izba Tourism Development Centre Municipal Autonomous Institution was established on the base of Tourist Office of Veliky Novgorod Non-profit Partnership (In 2011 restructured into Municipal government-funded institution). It is based on the best traditions of business and Office’s experience. Tourism Development Centre Red Izba operates in the sphere of tourism, culture, mass media and publishing activities.
The main goal of the Municipal autonomous institution Tourism Development Centre Red Izba is assignment realization of local government authorities of municipal unit – urban district Veliky Novgorod for data support implementation of tourist resource promotion, the objects of which are on the  territory of Veliky Novgorod, on domestic and worldwide tourist markets, aimed at assistance in increasing the number of tourists and excursionists and the duration of their stay in Veliky Novgorod; promotion of Veliky Novgorod on domestic and worldwide tourist markets; formation of common information tourist space; assistance in development of tourism sphere; creation of conditions for advanced training of personnel in tourism branch.

Areas of activities:
 Information activity

1. Information activity

Centre of Tourism Development is a qualitative information resource. Tourist data bases contain reliable information and are constantly updated. The centre concentrates tour operators’ suggestions in one place, that makes information convenient for use. Communication between tourists and the Centre takes place in real-time mode. The centre carries out marketing investigations of tourist market.

According to the activity of the hotel industry the total number of tourists staying in the hotels of Veliky Novgorod in 2015 amounts to 216 897 people, the number of foreign residents  17%.

The number of visitors of Novgorod State United Museum made 915 987 people.

Top 10 countries visiting Veliky Novgorod:

  • China - 24 935 people, 69% of tourist traffic, increase 303.3%
  • Germany - 1324 people, 3.7% of tourist traffic, a drop of 78%
  • Australia - 849 people, 2.4% of tourist traffic, falling 27%
  • United States - 835 people, 2.3% of tourist traffic, falling 27%
  • Finland - 757, 2% of tourist traffic, growth of 9%
  • Belarus - 668 people, less than 2%, rising to 24%
  • Estonia - 587 people, less than 2%, rising to 40%
  • France - 502 people, less than 1.5%, an increase of 18%
  • Kazakhstan - 471 people, about 1%
  • UK - 420 people, about 1% of tourist traffic, falling 45%

In 2015 the number of tourist calls to the information desk increased by 56% and amounted to 37 530 people, including visitors of the Center  31 303 (58% growth); received telephone calls  1494 (growth 72%), incoming telephone hotline calls  2407 (growth 74%), requests received by e-mail — 1130 (decline 43%), requests received by the online consultant on the portal  1196.

Tourist information portal of the Novgorod region was visited by 657 885 people (growth 30%) from 114 countries, 85 entities of the Russian Federation, the number of viewed pages amounted to 1 683 163 (an increase of 14%). The portal operates in 9 languages, in 2015 versions of the portal in English, French, Spanish and German were completely updated.

2. Marketing activity 

Promotion of Veliky Novgorod on Russian and foreign tourist Markets:

  • Presentation of tourist potential on the common stand of the Novgorod region «Veliky Novgorod  – the birthplace of Russia» on the international Russian and foreign exhibitions;
  • Organisation of 29 press tours for journalists of the media from Russia, Europe, Asia and the USA during 2014 - 2015;
  • Layout of branding information about Veliky Novgorod in specialized tourist publications.

 Internet projects:

  • Interactive theatrical guided tour Around the Kremlin with Posadnik Sbyslav: more than 40 000 visitors have already taken the tour!
  • Sightseeing bus tour Chronicle of the Vanished Times;
  • The annual International Gourmet Festival Veliky Novgorod;
  • Audio guide to the places of Sergei Rachmaninoff's life in Veliky Novgorod "Veliky Novgorod - Homeland of Russian geniuses. Route №1. Sergei Rachmaninoff" for izi.TRAVEL application;
  • Mobile Guide to Veliky Novgorod and Novgorod region TopTripTip for IOS - download on the AppStore;
  • Interactive route The Path of Novgorod Land Tales;
  • Wedding in Novgorod program From the Bachelor Party to the Married One;
  • Internet portal of Veliky Novgorod in Russian, English, German, French, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, Italian and Chinese;
  • On-line booking system of accommodation means of Veliky Novgorod and the Novgorod region on the information tourist portal Veliky Novgorod For a Tourist (;
  • Information electronic tourist bulletin RED IZBA NEWS in Russian and English. (About 1300 subscribers, Russian and foreign tour operators). Weekly distribution.

3. Publishing activity

Publications for tourists, excursionists and the Novgorodians:
  • The City Guide "Veliky Novgorod  – the Birthplace of Russia" in Russian and English;
  • Booklet "Tourist map. Veliky Novgorod. 2015 - 2016" in Russian an English with maps in Latin (circulation - 50 000 copies);
  • Informational articles about Veliky Novgorod, cultural events and arrangements, which take place in the city in Russian and foreign particularized printed publications. Collaboration with the magazine «Service 08» and weekly newspaper «Prices in Novgorod»

Publications for tourist business and mass media:

  • Catalogue of tourist resources "Novgorod the Great – the Birthplace of Russia" in Russian and English;
  • DVD "Veliky Novgorod – Hansa city" - electronic catalogue of tourist resources, that tells about the history of Hansa relations and contains information about events took place within a framework of International forum XXIX Hanseatic Days of New Time (in Russian, English, German, French);
  • DVD «Novgorod land» - electronic catalogue of tourist resources with video films about Veliky Novgorod (in Russian, English, German, French)
  • A brochure «Veliky Novgorod  – the Birthplace of Russia» in Russian and English.
  • Brochures and booklets in Russian, English, German, French, Polish and Chinese.

4. Coordination activity

  • Amalgamation of representatives of Veliky Novgorod tourbusiness for the purpose of their involvement in the working out and realization of an effective and harmonious policy of tourism development;
  • Interaction organization of Governmental Authorities, Local Government Authorities, professional associations, commercial and other organizations;
  • Development of proposals for the perfection of Federal and Region legislation in the sphere of tourism;
  • Participation in project development of regional programs, aimed at development of tourist branch in Veliky Novgorod and the Novgorod region;
  • Assistance in realization of measures, aimed at tourism development and hospitality sphere in Veliky Novgorod and the Novgorod region;
  • Development of proposals for increase of tourist activity effectiveness, development stimulation of domestic and incoming tourism, creation of favorable conditions for investment in tourist industry.
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